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A Personal Message from Jill Black, Au.D.

“Although some people believe that the solution to a hearing challenge is simply great hearing technology, if you were to ask somebody that has successfully achieved better hearing, they’ll tell you that the much more important part of the jigsaw is working with the right team of hearing care experts.

For the past 54 years, Brampton Hearing Aid Services has had the pleasure of helping thousands of local people to achieve better hearing through a methodical process of industry best practices combined with a big heart and soul.

By combining great technology with an even greater level of care and expertise, you’ll benefit from a 5-star reputation that has been built on trust, honesty and transparency, with an independent practice dedicated to your success, celebrating victories only when you do.

Hand on heart, if you’re looking for an independent local practice that will help you to achieve the outcomes that you’re looking for, then my team and I are here for you.”

Jill Black

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Advanced Hearing Evaluations in Brampton 

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments to Determine the Why Behind The What

Everyone understands the stark contrast between a stay at the Ritz Carlton and a night in a budget motel. Similarly, there’s a common misconception that all hearing tests are created equal, when in fact, the differences can be just as significant.

Whereas many clinics/stores offer free hearing tests that are more focused on assessing if you’re a candidate for hearing aids, our approach is to comprehensively evaluate your hearing healthcare to help you to accurately understand if you have any potential hearing challenges and fully understand your options.

This includes following a methodical process that has been defined based on a combination of industry best practices, and the many lessons we have learned from helping thousands of local people to achieve better hearing for over 50 years.

The Latest Prescription Hearing Technology in Brampton

Access to All Levels of Hearing Technology to Meet Your Unique Needs, Circumstances, and Budget

Nobody grows up looking forward to the day when they can wear their first hearing aids, but with approximately 13 million Canadians having some form of hearing loss at some point in their lives, it’s a step that tens of thousands of people take each year.

However, the good news is that hearing technology has rapidly progressed over recent years, with today’s technology being so small and discreet that many of our patients tell us that their friends and loved ones have never visually noticed them.

Unlike alternative hearing care practices in Brampton, we’re a proudly independent practice that has relationships with all major manufacturers to ensure you’re not limited to the options available to you. This ensures that your unique needs, circumstances and budget can be met with the right technology.

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