Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon became a leading hearing aid provider after World War II, thanks to a partnership with Charles Lehman establishing the American-Danish Oticon Corporation.

The world’s first electric hearing device, the Acousticon, was released in 1904 – discovering advanced solutions for unique hearing challenges has always been Oticon’s primary motivation.

In 1977, Oticon made their first in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids available to the public; their first digital hearing aids came around in 1996.

With the help of their innovative Brain Hearing concept and streaming/connectivity features, Oticon continues to show itself as a remarkable manufacturer in the industry.

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Brain Hearing Technology With Oticon

Oticon’s Brain Hearing concept aims to do more than just amplify all sound. With innovative sound processing technology, the brain’s natural functions are supported as its ability to create meaning from sound and speech is augmented.

Hearing aid wearers can easily distinguish between multiple speakers in the busiest environments.

The OPN processing platform supports the Brain Hearing concept and enhances sound quality, voice clarity, and the overall performance of the hearing aid itself – meaning clearer, crisper sounds and a better understanding of the conversation around you.

A hearing aid model by Oticon

Oticon’s Hearing Aid Features

Oticon hearing aids boast smartphone connectivity for enhanced sound clarity – you can even connect with your TV to allow sound sharing between devices, meaning you’ll never miss a second of the shows you love. Preprogrammed sound environments create unique listening experiences, and with clear sound quality thanks to sound preservation technology, you’ll understand speech better, keeping you in the loop in conversations.

Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids allow for streaming capabilities and Oticon’s integrated sound generator, which is designed for helping tinnitus management. All Oticon hearing aids are equipped to eliminate distortion and whistling with their dynamic range and expanded input modes. Oticon’s Genie app also provides counselling and remote fitting services so your hearing care provider can stay up to date on your hearing needs.

Our highly trained hearing care team know the ins and outs of all kinds of hearing aid technology and hearing loss solutions, like those manufactured by Oticon, but the tech isn’t the only thing that makes us passionate about what we do. Helping people across Brampton reclaim their lives with stronger, better hearing health is the cornerstone of what we do.

Starting with a comprehensive hearing assessment, our personalized hearing care works to understand your current range of hearing so our audiology professionals can help you choose the hearing aid that will help the most with your hearing loss challenge. We’ll also take into account considerations unique to you: your lifestyle, personal preferences, and budget are all important factors when choosing the technology that’s right for you.

Patient-First Hearing Care With Brampton Hearing Aid Services

Not only do we sell and fit hearing aids for our patients from the different manufacturers we’re privileged to work with, but we also make sure those hearing aids last as long as possible with on-site hearing repairs. We’re here to help for every step, from troubleshooting the issue to making sure you go home with your devices in the best condition.

If you’ve been thinking that advanced hearing aid technology might be the best solution for your hearing loss challenges, please contact our team of hearing aid experts with the adjacent form.

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